One of our Founders, Robin, visting our manufaturer's site
Due to the continued, worldwide demand for premium Sheepskin Boots, we have launched a Private Label and Brand Management service for Retailers, Sheepskin boot manufacturers and companies that want to sell Quality, Sheepskin boots and other Sheepskin footwear. We also specialize in the Wholesale of quality, Sheepskin Boots and have vast experience with Wholesale orders, all around the World.

Let our team of successful, experienced professionals handle all the details, and for much less than you would expect. With international factory teams in place, we can fulfill any size order. 

As Private Label consultants we can share our expertise in:

* Proper design of sheepskin boots, footwear, toys and other sheepskin products

* Manufacturing & Quality control

* Shipping & Delivery to Major Retailers 

* Attractive Product Packaging  

* Understanding the Competition  

* Sales & Marketing

* Website Design & Appeal

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