Over the years we have build an impressive Portfolio of work ranging from our first e-commerce site to our World famous Brands that are sold to some of the largest retailers in the World. 

Our Products have been worn by an impressive list of World famous celebrities including, movie stars, musicians, company executives as well as TV and radio personalities. Featured in numerous newspaper articles in the USA,  Australia and the UK, on thousands of websites around the world, an Australian television documentary, an appearance on MTV's Sweet 16, TV and radio interviews in the United States as well as live appearances on UK television with audiences in the millions.

And Now, Introducing Our Latest Brand: Worlds Best Sheepskin Boots

Available exclusively through WorldsBestSheepskinBoots.com


When we say the Worlds Best Sheepskin Boots, we mean it!
In 2000 we launched our first e-commerce site and within two years were the largest online Independent Retailer specializing in Sheepskin Boots. In 2003, we were overwhelming our suppliers and began planning the launch of our own brand. 

We sold SheepskinDirect.com in 2011 to ShoeSurfing.com

In 2003, our Founder, Paul Barclay, teamed up with one of his old "Mates" and began designing and developing what was to become Warmbat® which quickly became the World's fastest growing brand of Australian Sheepskin boots. In just a few years, the company grew into the second largest in the world and was sold in over twenty countries.  

In 2009, we set our sights on a new brand, Green Lizard Australia®. Warmbat was subsequently sold and is now owned and managed by CFP Europe B.V.  

Aussie Mates product logo 
Our first Private Label order was with Nordstrom Rack and in 2008 we delivered the first 30,000 pairs of Aussie Mates® Sheepskin Boots. 

In 2012 we again decided to offer a Private Label service.

In 2009, we set our sights on a new brand, Green Lizard Australia®. Our vision for his new company was to produce the finest Sheepskin boots on the planet while supporting various causes that would help save the planet, its people and the indigenous animals of Australia.  

Now in its third year, Green Lizard Australia® continues to lead the way through innovation and unsurpassed quality and is sold on four continents. Visit GreenLizardAustralia.com for more information.

In 2010 we launched a children's line called: My Koala®. This brand has a range of Sheepskin plush toys, sheepskin booties  and a lot more in the works.

Endorsed by the Australian Koala Foundation, a portion of the proceeds go to help save Australia's Koalas which are in serious decline as a result of relentless habitat destruction, road accidents, bush fires, domestic dog attacks and disease.

Due to the continued, worldwide demand for premium Sheepskin Boots, we launched a Private Label and Brand Management service for Retailers, Sheepskin boot manufacturers and companies that wanted to sell Quality, Sheepskin boots and other Sheepskin footwear. We also specialized in the Wholesale of quality, Sheepskin Boots and have vast experience with Wholesale orders, all around the World.